Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello world!

Sorry for the misleading title, but I know that if I want you to read my weekly emails I have to pull you in somehow ;)

This week has been a lot more routine than last week because I'm on the normal schedule now (instead of the new missionary schedule)

Most of what I'm doing is studying for 11-12 hours in the same classroom and I'm going crazy a little bit, but it is insane how much I'm learning. Elder Dicou and I taught a few more lessons this week (again in Spanish) and one of them went really well! It felt like the lesson was being run by the spirit instead of by our inability to speak Spanish. So cool.

I've decided that for my own amusement I am going to teach you a different Spanish phrase every week, but unlike a useful teacher, I will only teach you phrases that will apply to very specific situations.

Phrase of the week:
La ama de cría es un drón.

The wet nurse is a thief.

If any of you can manage to slip that into conversation this week, let me know. I'll be super impressed.

One thing that's really amusing about the MTC is that the most competitve game in the gym is Four Square. Like, the one you probably played in first grade and haven't played since. It is AWESOME. Seriously so great. I've been getting pretty good at it (not to brag) and if anyone wants to challenge me when I get home, things are going to get real.

Everyone in my district (mission term for the 11 people in my class) and my zone (mission term for all the classes in my hallway) has been coming to me with their dreams because they know I keep a dream journal. It's really funny since I literally have kept track of my dreams for two weeks. People keep asking me for tips on how to lucid dream, which I give them despite that fact that none have ever worked for me. It's awesome. I've always wanted to be "the dream guy."

Sorry the email is short again this week, I needed to email some family, but I love you guys so much and want you to know that I'm doing well here. I get in trouble sometimes because I turn role play lessons into improv scenes (Them: So the holy ghost is a drug? Me: Mas o menos, nosotros damos la drugs siempre semana con la cena segrada), but all is well. Gotta save them souls.

Elder Wiggins

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