Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Subject: This Congressman Slams Justin Bieber!  See what happens next!

Hello friends!

This week has been unreal! Thank you for all of the letters and emails and memes you have been sending. They make me soooo happy and I love them so much. I'm sorry I haven't been writing most of you back, time is so short here for mail. I started this letter with 4 minutes left after writing my family.

I'm feeling a lot better than I was last week and life is honestly so good! I'm working through some stuff, but the amount of progress I've made has been unreal. Things are going well, and I'll tell you more later when I have more time.

Spanish phrase of the week:
Scotty me deslumbró con su emporio de gaviotas.

Quick story: Being me, I lost my key the second week we were here. This was a problem because it had a keychain that said "Schmitt" on it (#Harrison shoutout!) from when I stayed with the Schmitt's in Santa Clarita just last month. I kept it on my key so I could remember their generosity towards me, but it did make it a bit of a problem when I knew that they would be returned to whoever "Schmitt" is in the MTC. Lol, anyway I found the key in my pants pocket yesterday, and it was legendary.

As you can tell from that lame story, not a ton happens here, but my spanish is getting better, and I am having the time of my life.

With love from the four square courts,
Elder Samuel/Morpheus Wiggins

Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello world!

Sorry for the misleading title, but I know that if I want you to read my weekly emails I have to pull you in somehow ;)

This week has been a lot more routine than last week because I'm on the normal schedule now (instead of the new missionary schedule)

Most of what I'm doing is studying for 11-12 hours in the same classroom and I'm going crazy a little bit, but it is insane how much I'm learning. Elder Dicou and I taught a few more lessons this week (again in Spanish) and one of them went really well! It felt like the lesson was being run by the spirit instead of by our inability to speak Spanish. So cool.

I've decided that for my own amusement I am going to teach you a different Spanish phrase every week, but unlike a useful teacher, I will only teach you phrases that will apply to very specific situations.

Phrase of the week:
La ama de cría es un drón.

The wet nurse is a thief.

If any of you can manage to slip that into conversation this week, let me know. I'll be super impressed.

One thing that's really amusing about the MTC is that the most competitve game in the gym is Four Square. Like, the one you probably played in first grade and haven't played since. It is AWESOME. Seriously so great. I've been getting pretty good at it (not to brag) and if anyone wants to challenge me when I get home, things are going to get real.

Everyone in my district (mission term for the 11 people in my class) and my zone (mission term for all the classes in my hallway) has been coming to me with their dreams because they know I keep a dream journal. It's really funny since I literally have kept track of my dreams for two weeks. People keep asking me for tips on how to lucid dream, which I give them despite that fact that none have ever worked for me. It's awesome. I've always wanted to be "the dream guy."

Sorry the email is short again this week, I needed to email some family, but I love you guys so much and want you to know that I'm doing well here. I get in trouble sometimes because I turn role play lessons into improv scenes (Them: So the holy ghost is a drug? Me: Mas o menos, nosotros damos la drugs siempre semana con la cena segrada), but all is well. Gotta save them souls.

Elder Wiggins

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hola amigos!

^Pretend there is an upside down exclamation point up there. I'm learning Spanish, but I'm not that advanced yet

First of all, I cannot believe everything I have learned this past week and how much I feel like I have already changed as a person. And the change has been sooo so so good! I feel like I finally know what it means to lose myself in the work of Christ. I can still be myself, but I am learning how to think primarily about other people and how I can help them. It is amazing.

This email is going to be really scattered because so much has happened in the past week, but hopefully you will get a good sense of how I am doing and know that I love all of you (There are 113 people on this mailing list! And I love ALL of you!)

If you want to send me letters, you can either send them to me here on my weekly email, or through the website dearelder.com. It's really cool because they will actually print out the letter and give it to me the day you send it and then I can have more time to actually email you guys back. So please send them through there if possible :) My address is:

Elder Samuel David Wiggins
2005 N 900 E Unit 206
Provo UT 84602

Also, for the next 5 weeks I can get packages and hand written letters if you send them to that same address. After I'm in Argentina it will be a little bit harder to get things to me, but for now I can get anything you send

My companion is Elder Dikou (Dee-koh) and he is a really nice guy. We are pretty different than each other, but we get along pretty well and we both did marching band so we've bonded over that. He's from American Fork (look up American Fork High School's marching band, apparrently they've competed in BOA championships and stuff) and he's a very strong person. I am so lucky to get to learn with him and for the lessons that he teaches me.

In honor of Bethany, I have actually been keeping a dream journal every day since I've been here! That journal is full of some fun memories, like that time Brock played the Dr. Mario Theme by ear on the piano, or that other time I was really jealous of Lance's dating life. Good times, good times.

The MTC (missionary training center) is such a strange, but interesting experience. I spend the first six weeks of my mission here in Provo, Utah studying Spanish and the Doctorine of Christ to prepare me for the mission field. Then after that (Beginning of August) I will actually go to Argentina and start preaching and giving service. I am so excited.

Whenever I used to get emails from missionaries I always thought it was funny how the missionary would get so ridiculously bubbly and excited about life in their emails home, and I can tell I'm doing the exact same thing! But it's because I love all of you so much. Since I've been here I have already gotten to teach 4 lessons IN SPANISH. For real. The years of practicing improv and pictionary are finally paying off, because it turns out that those games have a practical application in helping people discover their eternal salvation #CoCaptain/CoMpanion

A lot of people have asked me about the food here, and I guess that's fair because my only break from studying Spanish and Scriptures for 11 hours a day (seriously) is going to the cafeteria. The food is actually really good in the cafeteria! I don't know whether it's way better than Berkeley, or if I just haven't eaten BYU cafeteria food for the past year, but I really like it a lot. I get honeydew melon at every meal! Who knew that was something awesome?

I'm sorry I haven't had time to really email anyone back this week (especially the parents), but I love all of you and am going to try to do better next week. Especially if you send DearElder's, I will have more time to do a better job with these.

Once again, I love you, Christ loves you, and life is so so so good. Don't be afraid to send me jokes or Hamilton lyrics. I only read the scriptures and what you send, so I love some good entertainment.

Your favorite friend/son/brother/missionary,
Elder (Sam) Wiggins

PS- I haven't read all of your emails, so I'm going to print some out and read them later today. Love you!